Union Minister Ramdas Athawale gives new slogan for new coronavirus strain

Union Minister Ramdas Athawale on Sunday gave a new slogan to combat the new strain of coronavirus, “No corona, corona no”.

Earlier this year, when the pandemic had broken out, Athawale had given a slogan, ‘Go corona, corona go’, which had gone viral on social media.

In March this year, he was spotted chanting ‘Go corona’ slogan with candles, wishing for the virus to go back to China, where it originally originated.

He had also said how after his slogan, the virus subsided in 8 months and with the vaccine on its way, the pandemic is likely to end soon. Union Minister Athawale himself had eventually tested positive for coronavirus and has since recovered.

Flights of UK origin suspended after mutated virus

A new strain of Covid-19 was reported in the UK, after which the civil aviation ministry has suspended flights originating from the United Kingdom from December 22. The new mutated virus is believed to having higher transmissibility.

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