Donald Trump backtracks on acknowledging Joe Biden won US presidential election, concedes 'nothing'

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump backtracked after appearing on Sunday to acknowledge for the first time that Joe Biden won the November 3 election, saying he conceded “nothing” and repeating his unfounded claims of widespread voting fraud. Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by winning a series of battleground states that the Republican incumbent had won … Read more

Donald Trump's supporters take to the streets of Washington demanding 'four more years'

WASHINGTON: Thousands of President Donald Trump`s supporters marched in Washington on Saturday to back his unsubstantiated claims of election fraud as he pushes ahead with a flurry of longshot legal challenges to overturn President-elect Joe Biden`s victory. Trump has made little headway in the courts with his lawsuits and for the first time on Friday … Read more

Twitter search on 'loser' shows Donald Trump's account, here's why

New Delhi: Twitter users searching for the word “loser” on Sunday (November 8, 2020) were greeted with an unusual first result: US President Donald J Trump’s account. The search result appeared as major news organizations declared that voters had delivered the presidency to Trump`s opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, after four days of nail-biting suspense following … Read more

Look forward to working closely together: PM Narendra Modi congratulates Joe Biden on 'spectacular victory'

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday (November 8, 2020) congratulated newly elected US President Joe Biden on the ‘spectacular victory’ and expressed that he’s looking forward to working closely together once again to take India-US relations to greater heights. PM Modi took to his official Twitter account and wrote, “Congratulations Joe Biden on … Read more

Kamala Harris will be the US President in 2024, says her uncle

New Delhi: Kamala Harris will be the US President in 2024, expressed her uncle G Balachandran on Saturday (November 7, 2020) following the news that Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump and is set to become 46th president of United States. Harris was the Democratic vice presidential nominee for the 2020 election. Speaking to WION … Read more

Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump, set to become 46th president of United States

Washington: Democrat Joe Biden has won the long-awaited US Presidential election 2020, claimed the US media on Saturday (November 7, 2020). American news channels like the CNN, NBC News and CBS News called the race in former US President’s favour following projecting that he had won the decisive state of Pennsylvania. “Worth every minute of … Read more

Analysis: Trump or Biden, new US president faces troubled economy

It`s still not clear yet if the next US president will be incumbent Donald Trump or Democratic challenger Joe Biden, but whoever triumphs will face monumental challenges on the economic front. The recession has been ugly. It has wiped away more than a year of economic output and more than five years of jobs growth. … Read more

US presidential election 2020: Highest voter turnout in a century likely with over 160 million votes to be cast

New York: The US appears to be on track to see over 160 million votes cast in the US presidential election 2020, a turnout rate of about 67 per cent, which is higher than the country has witnessed in more than a century, as President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden campaigned through … Read more

US election 2020: From naked ballots to Qanon, here are some political terms you must know

Every presidential election has its own lingo, which is commonly used by media and netizens in the days leading up to the November 3 election in which Republican candidate and incumbent President Donald Trump is conetsting against his Democratic rival Joe Biden. Here are some key political terms in the lingo of the presidential race … Read more

US Presidential election 2020: Donald Trump has an upper hand over Joe Biden as he leads in Iowa state, says poll

A day ahead of the US election 2020, the Republican Presidential candidate and incumbent US President Donald Trump is leading in the Iowa state, according to the poll conducted by Selzer & Co for the Des Moines Register and Mediacom between October 26 and 29.  The polls said that Donald Trump led by 48% to 41% … Read more

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