American aid and spending package to Taiwan and Tibet angers China

Beijing: China expressed anger on Monday after US President Donald Trump signed into law measures to further bolster support for Taiwan and Tibet, which had been included in a $2.3 trillion pandemic aid and spending package. China has watched with growing alarm as the United States has stepped up its backing for Chinese-claimed Taiwan and … Read more

63-year-old named as suspected bomber in Nashville blast case

A 63-year-old man identified as Anthony Warner was named as the suspected bomber in Nashville Tennessee case on Sunday (December 27). Law enforcement officials said that Warner died in the explosion. The Tennessean reported that Warner worked at IT firms throughout his life and had extensive experience with electronics and alarm systems. Public records showed … Read more

US head nurse faints during press briefing, received COVID vaccine shot hours back

Tennessee: Tiffany Dover, a head nurse at Chattanooga Hospital in Tennessee, created a stir after she passed out during a press briefing from CHI Memorial Hospital. According to reports, the Dover was addressing media informing them that her team was among the first one to receive Pfizer-Bion Tech’s coronavirus vaccine shot. However, while taking up … Read more

Joe Biden names this Indian-American as Assistant White House Press Secretary

Washington: President-elect Joe Biden on Friday named Indian-American Vedant Patel to be the Assistant Press Secretary as he announced the additional members of the White House Communications and Press Staff. Patel is currently the senior spokesperson of the Biden Inaugural and has been a part of the Biden Campaign as well where he served as … Read more

Donald Trump threatened to not vacate White House on Joe Biden's inauguration day?

WASHINGTON: United States President Donald Trump, who hasn’t yet conceded his presidential defeat to Joe Biden, has allegedly threatened to not vacate the White House for his successor, said a CNN report.  It was reported that Trump made these remarks during ‘his deepest moments of denial’ while this action has alarmed his aides, some believe … Read more

As Joe Biden gets ready to enter White House, US warns India, sanctions Turkey, here's why

Days ahead of President-elect Joe Biden taking charge as the new President of the US, the Trump administration has imposed sanctions on Turkey for buying the Russian-made S400 Triumf anti-missile system and has warned India and other countries on buying arms manufactured by Russia. A series of sanctions were announced by Assistant Secretary for International … Read more

Major blow to China as US takes this stringent action against Huawei

The US has finally decided to take strong action against Chinese telecom giant Huawei and China Telecom. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in a unanimous vote has ordered all US carriers to remove equipment made by Huawei. The Commission also began proceedings on whether China Telecom Corp. should be allowed to operate in the United … Read more

President-elect Joe Biden to meet US coronavirus vaccine adviser amid surge, distribution questions

WASHINGTON: The chief adviser for U.S. efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine said on Sunday he planned to meet with President-elect Joe Biden this week to discuss the program before the expected first round of vaccinations in the country later this month. Moncef Slaoui, the chief adviser to the U.S. government`s Operation Warp Speed initiative, … Read more

3 former US presidents willing to take COVID-19 vaccine publicly to boost confidence

Washington: Three former presidents have said they’d be willing to take a coronavirus vaccine publicly, once one becomes available, to encourage all Americans to get inoculated against a disease that has already killed more than 275,000 people nationwide. Former President Barack Obama said during a TV show – “The Joe Madison Show” , “I promise … Read more

Coronavirus claims 1.5 million lives globally with 10,000 dying each day

NEW YORK: Over 1.5 million people have lost their lives due to COVID-19 with one death reported every nine seconds on a weekly average, as vaccinations are set to begin in December in a handful of developed nations. Half a million deaths occurred in just the last two months, indicating that the severity of the … Read more

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