Drugs worth Rs 2.5 billion from Chinese-controlled Gwadar seized in Sri Lanka

Colombo: The Sri Lankan authority on Sunday (December 6, 2020) arrested four people from the Marawila Thoduwawa area and seized Rs 2.5 billion worth of drugs originated from the Chinese-controlled Gwadar. They were transporting heroin and crystal methamphetamine (ice) to the Sri Lankan boats from the Pak Dhow that originated from Gwadar. The involvement of … Read more

India, Maldives, Sri Lanka agree to expand intelligence sharing; deputy NSAs to meet biannually

New Delhi: India, Maldives, Sri Lanka have agreed to expand intelligence sharing at the 4th National Security Adviser trilateral meet that happened in Colombo. The three countries will share intelligence on issues such as terrorism, radicalization, extremism, drugs, arms and human trafficking, money laundering, and effects of climate change on the maritime environment. India was … Read more

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