Sputnik V: President Vladimir Putin says he will receive COVID-19 vaccine when he can

MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he was yet to be inoculated with the Russian-made vaccine against COVID-19 but that he would do so when possible. Speaking at his annual news conference, Putin also said Russia needed to step up production of its Sputnik V vaccine and that some of its components could be made … Read more

Russia aims to vaccinate 7 million as it reports record rise in COVID-19 cases

MOSCOW: Moscow wants to vaccinate up to seven million people, its Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said, as Russia on Sunday reported yet another record high number of new COVID-19 cases. Moscow began distributing its Sputnik V COVID-19 shot via 70 clinics on Saturday to the most exposed groups, marking Russia`s first large-scale vaccination against the disease. … Read more

Russia starts mass COVID-19 vaccination with its Sputnik V shot

MOSCOW: Russia began distributing the Sputnik V COVID-19 shot via 70 clinics on Saturday, marking Russia`s first mass vaccination against the disease, the city`s coronavirus task force said. The task force said the Russian-made vaccine would first be made available to doctors and other medical workers, teachers and social workers because they ran the highest risk … Read more

President Vladimir Putin orders Russia to begin mass COVID-19 vaccinations

MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian authorities on Wednesday to begin mass voluntary vaccinations against COVID-19 next week as Russia recorded 589 new daily deaths from the coronavirus. Russia will have produced 2 million vaccine doses within the next few days, Putin said. Russia said last month that its Sputnik V jab was 92% effective … Read more

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