Chinese spies in Afghanistan expose China, Pakistan's espionage operations

The recent data leak incident which exposed the identity of 1.95 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cadres has highlighted China’s vast network of spies spread across the world. It exposes China’s misadventures to influence the internal affairs of democratic nations. The revelation shows the depth of Chinese espionage operations — but in a different part of the world. … Read more

Pakistani lawyer cites India's Supreme Court verdict to support argument on Daniel Pearl's killer

A lawyer representing the parents of slain US journalist Daniel Pearl informed Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Wednesday that the mastermind behind the murder is an international terrorist and cited a judgment by India’s apex court to support his arguments. Pearl, the 38-year-old South Asia bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal, was abducted and beheaded … Read more

Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s statue vandalised in Pakistan, creates rift between ISI and Khalistanis

A group of Islamic extremists in Pakistan vandalised the statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, erected at the Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila), at the Mai Jindan’s Haveli on December 12 (Saturday). The fort is an important historical monument for Sikhs and is located near Gurdwara Dera Sahib related to Guru Arjan Dev Ji. The extremists entered … Read more

Maharaja Ranjit Singh's statue vandalised in Pakistan; second incident in a year

LAHORE: A statue of 19th-century ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Lahore in Pakistan was vandalised by unidentified men on Friday (December 11). According to reports, the miscreants were reportedly upset over speeches of a few radicals in Pakistan.  The nine-foot-tall statue of Singh, who died in 1839, was unveiled in June on his 180th death … Read more

Major blow to Pakistan and China as US places them on violators of religious freedom list

In a major blow to Pakistan and China, the US has placed them on violators of religious freedom list along with eight other nations. A statement on December 7 read that “religious freedom is an inalienable right”.  The United States designated Pakistan, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Eritrea, and Myanmar, as … Read more

Drugs worth Rs 2.5 billion from Chinese-controlled Gwadar seized in Sri Lanka

Colombo: The Sri Lankan authority on Sunday (December 6, 2020) arrested four people from the Marawila Thoduwawa area and seized Rs 2.5 billion worth of drugs originated from the Chinese-controlled Gwadar. They were transporting heroin and crystal methamphetamine (ice) to the Sri Lankan boats from the Pak Dhow that originated from Gwadar. The involvement of … Read more

Woman plans her own death to get Rs 11 crore life insurance claims

A Pakistani woman fraudulently got herself declared dead in order to claim two life insurance policies worth USD 1.5 million (approximately Rs 11 crore). A probe has been launched by Pakistani authorities in this case. According to Pakistan’s Federal Investigating Agency (FIA), the woman identified as Seema Kharbay travelled to the US in 2008 and … Read more

Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, Benazir Bhutto's youngest daughter, makes political debut in Multan

Karachi: Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, the youngest daughter of Pakistan’s slain prime minister Benazir Bhutto, made her political debut in Multan on Monday at a rally of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), the 11-party opposition alliance. In her speech, Aseefa called on the crowd to remember her mother’s sacrifices for democracy and urged them to support … Read more

High time for Pakistan to watch in its own backyard as Ahmadiyyas fight for survival

New Delhi: For Pakistan, a country that has falsely and baselessly propagated the charges of human rights violation on its neighbour, it is high time to watch in its own backyard. The human rights watch has taken serious notice of the ongoing government-sponsored and Jihadi clerics backed persecution of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. Well-drafted … Read more

Pakistan PM Imran Khan's cabinet clears in-principle chemical castration, hanging of rapists

Islamabad: To combat rising cases of sexual attacks on women and children in Pakistan, the federal Cabinet has approved in-principle two anti-rape ordinances aimed at handing out exemplary punishment, including chemical castration and hanging, to rapists, according to a media report. A Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad on Tuesday also … Read more

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