China may not fund USD 60 billion BRI project as Pakistan's burgeoning debt rises

Islamabad: Beijing is backing away from Pakistan`s USD 60 billion commitment to the global Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Asia Times reported.”The CPEC`s future is not only clouded by China`s apparent new, more conservative lending policy but also Pakistan`s overborrowing, which is fast driving the country toward a debt crisis. Pakistan’s debt to GDP ratio … Read more

China building military base in Gwadar, Fencing around Gwadar ignites discontent in Balochistan

The CPEC Authority – a joint institution of Pakistani and Chinese governments to oversee CPEC projects has started to construct a fenced wall around the city of Gwadar, creating a massive discontent and furore in the region. A wall measuring 10 feet in height is going to cover the length of 30 km. Human rights … Read more

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