US Vice President Mike Pence to get vaccinated publicly against COVID-19

Washington: US Vice President Mike Pence will be receiving COVID-19 vaccine publicly on Friday (December 18) as part of the initiative to build confidence among the public about the vaccine. According to a report by The Hill, Pence, the leader of the White House coronavirus task force, second lady Karen Pence and Surgeon General Jerome … Read more

WHO-led team expected in China in January 2021 to probe COVID-19 origins: Reports

GENEVA/COPENHAGEN: An international mission led by the World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to go to China in the first week of January to investigate the origins of the virus that sparked the COVID-19 pandemic, a member and diplomats told Reuters on Wednesday. The United States, which has accused China of having hidden the outbreak`s … Read more

China stoops to a new low, plans this move to achieve its political ambitions

In the post-COVID-19 era, Chinese President Xi Jinping has recently announced that the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by China will become a ‘global public good’. Chinese officials have begun to use a possible vaccine for the pandemic as a political tool and are thus promising early access to the vaccine to poor and developing countries … Read more

Are we guinea pigs? France seniors wary of COVID-19 vaccine

SARTROUVILLE: French nursing home boss Yann Reboulleau was trying to persuade 92-year-old resident Madeleine Bonnet of the merits of taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and he was having a tough time. “Are we guinea pigs?” asked Bonnet, who used to work as a pharmacist, as she sat across from Reboulleau in the television room of the … Read more

In a first, coronavirus found in wild animal in this country – Read details here

The first case of the coronavirus in a wild animal has been reported in the US. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the COVID-19 case was reported in a wild mink. The discovery has left experts deeply worried as the coronavirus has led to the culling of over 15,000 farmed mink in the US … Read more

Should you take alcohol after getting Sputnik V anti-COVID jab? Here’s what Russian researchers say

MOSCOW: While researchers and scientists around the world have found significant success in developing effective vaccines to fight the coronavirus pandemic, they have also warned people of taking certain precautions after taking the anti-COVID jab. As of now, the scientists have developed three highly protective jabs with efficacy rates above 90 percent. Pfizer and Moderna … Read more

COVID-19: Biggest vaccination drive begins in US as trucks carrying Pfizer vaccine hit roads

The biggest vaccination drive in the history of US started on Sunday (December 13) as trucks carrying Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine pulled out of a Michigan warehouse. It is learnt that 636 hospitals and clinics across the states will be delivered the Pfizer vaccines under Operation Warp Speed. Sources said that trucks carrying about 184,275 vials … Read more

COVID-19: UK regulator makes big claim after 4 Pfizer vaccine volunteers develop Bell's palsy in US

UK drug regulator Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has allayed fears of Bell’s palsy being associated with coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech after four participants of a US trials suffered from the facial paralysis.  The vaccine has been developed by US-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German biotechnology company BioNTech. According to reports, four … Read more

Pfizer prepares U.S. COVID-19 vaccine rollout

New Delhi: The first trucks carrying Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines pulled out of a Michigan manufacturing facility Sunday (December 13). Shipments of the Pfizer vaccine will set in motion the biggest vaccination effort in the history of the United States of America. The shipments from the factory to its final destination will be delivered under the … Read more

COVID-19: Pfizer vaccine would be free to all Americans, says President Trump after US FDA approval

A day after the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) granted an emergency use authorization to Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, President Donald Trump on Saturday (December 12) said that the US will start rolling out the vaccine “in less than 24 hours.” “The first vaccine will be administered in less than 24 hours,” Trump said in … Read more