Economic aggression of CCP fails miserably, China is suffering worst blackouts

BEIJING: In a new development, China is suffering from one of the worst blackouts in the past few decades. Though the Chinese economy is currently trying to recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but it appears that its attempts have come to a grinding halt. Power generation in China during the wintertime has … Read more

Joe Biden administration to be risky for Chinese economy? Know about his possible move

BEIJING: As tensions between the US and China continue to worsen under the current President Donald Trump’s administration due to Beijing’s human rights violations and hiding vital information regarding COVID-19, a leading economist said that incoming Biden administration might impose sanctions thus affecting the Chinese economy next year. David Li Daokui, a professor at Tsinghua … Read more

Over half a dozen countries concerned over faulty Chinese military equipment

NEW DELHI: Over half a dozen country, from Bangladesh to Myanmar to Jordan, are concerned over faulty Chinese military equipment. In the neighbourhood when it comes to Bangladesh, Beijing had given two 1970s era Ming class Type 035G submarines to Bangladesh at $100 mn each in 2017 which were recommissioned as BNS Nobojatra and BNS … Read more