3 former US presidents willing to take COVID-19 vaccine publicly to boost confidence

Washington: Three former presidents have said they’d be willing to take a coronavirus vaccine publicly, once one becomes available, to encourage all Americans to get inoculated against a disease that has already killed more than 275,000 people nationwide. Former President Barack Obama said during a TV show – “The Joe Madison Show” , “I promise … Read more

Certain elements inside Pakistan's military had links to al Qaeda, reveals Barack Obama on Abbottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden

Washington: Former United States President Barack Obama has said that he had ruled out involving Pakistan in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout because it was an “open secret” that certain elements inside Pak’s military, and especially its intelligence services, maintained links to the Taliban and perhaps even al-Qaeda, sometimes using them as strategic … Read more

Ex-US President Barack Obama calls this powerful world leader 'tough, street-smart boss' in his new book

New Delhi: Former US President Barack Obama has kicked up quite a political storm with his character sketches of several political leaders across the globe. In his yet-to-be published political memoir “A Promised Land”, he talks about several leaders of the US and other nations including Congress leaders Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, former Prime Minister … Read more