Senior Youth Congress leader celebrates protesters attacking Jio towers in Punjab, incites similar attacks across the country

Srivatsa, national campaign in-charge of Youth Congress, was spotted cheering for ‘farmers’ who are cutting off power supply to Jio mobile towers in Punjab. The former Karnataka Congress social media head appeared to be in a celebratory mood over the fact that 1300 of the 9000 Jio mobile towers in the state have no power supply.

Senior Youth Congress leader cheers for criminal behaviour
Senior Youth Congress leader cheers for criminal behaviour

Srivatsa further said, “Farmers have understood that the only way to get Modi to directly talk to them is through making Ambani feel pain.” He also appeared to suggest that such criminal behaviour should also be replicated across the country. “If this starts happening across India, Modiji will come running to Singhu Border,” he stated.

Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder had appealed to the ‘protesting farmers’ to not inconvenience the general public by disrupting power and destroying infrastructure. He had also urged the ‘protestors’ to not shut down connectivity and manhandle the telecom workers. However, it seems the ‘protesting farmers’ did not pay any heed to the chief minister’s appeal. And now it appears even Congress leaders are cheering such lawlessness.

The ‘protestors’ have been targeting Reliance Jio towers because of claims that Reliance, as well as Adani group, are out to exploit farmers with help from the new farm laws. News agency PTI citing sources said that site managers were slapped and abused for trying to stop the protestors from destroying the infrastructure. Power lines were snapped and attempts were made to axe the towers.

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