Pakistan: Minor Hindu girl kidnapped from her home by politician’s employee in Sindh

There seems to be no end to the sufferings of religious minorities in Pakistan where cases of abduction, rape and forced conversion are reported on a routine basis. Another such case has been reported from Pakistan where a minor Hindu girl was kidnapped in Sindh, Pakistan. As per the information shared by Pakistani activist Rahat Austin on Twitter, a minor Hindu girl named Momal Kohli was kidnapped in Nawab Yousaf Talpur village in Kunri, Sindh.

Nawab Yousaf Talpur is a member of pakistan’s National Assembly. According to Austin, Talpur’s employee Muhammad Majeed is involved in the kidnapping of the minor Hindu girl.

The victim’s parents told that some armed men barged into their home and assaulted them. They forcibly took away their daughter. The girl’s father alleged that Muhammad Majeed was leading the men who abducted their daughter.

A father died protecting his daughter in Pakistan

In October this year, a Hindu father was brutally killed by a group of armed men in Sindh, Pakistan when he was trying to save his daughter from the criminals. The armed men had barged into victim Shiva Kohli’s house and had tried to rape his daughter. When Shiva Kohli tried to protect his daughter, the perpetrators brutally tortured and killed him.

Abduction, rape and forceful conversion of minor Hindu girls from poor families has been a constant issue in Pakistan.

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