Vienna IS Terrorist wanted to massacre Catholic Youth group inside Church, investigation reveals

As per the report published in Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung, the ISIS terrorist identified as Abu Dagnah Al-Albany, the man behind the attack that took place on November 2 across central Vienna, wanted to cause a bloodbath of the Catholic Youth group in Ruprechtskirche during the prayer time in the evening. He had failed as … Read more

As US President Donald Trump gets ready to leave White House, daughter Ivanka says this about India, PM Modi

US President Donald Trump is set to leave White House in January 2021 and and few weeks before Trump exit the office, his daughter Ivanka Trump has recalled ‘fond memories’ from India visit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The 39-year-old Ivanka is a senior advisor to President Trump. She took to twitter to recall her … Read more

Yogi govt swings into action to help distressed daughter pleading for medical assistance for her father from non-responsive Akhilesh Yadav

On Tuesday evening, a distressed daughter reached out to former UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Prateeksha Yadav Preet, a Mainpuri resident, tweeted to Yadav pleading for medical assistance for her father who had met with an accident earlier. @yadavakhilesh जी आज आपके सैफई में, चिकित्सक की व्यवस्था नहीं हो पाई,,पिता जी का एक्सिडेंट हो गया … Read more

Revealed: The real reason behind US First Lady Melania Trump's 'lack of media coverage'

Members of US President Donald Trump’s team have started targeting each other as Trump gets ready to leave the White House in order to allow President-elect Joe Biden take charge as the new president of the US. Trump’s staff have now started the blame game and the first to come under attack is Stephanie Grisham, … Read more

China successfully lands spacecraft on moon to retrieve lunar rocks

BEIJING: China successfully landed a spacecraft on the moon`s surface on Tuesday in a historic mission to retrieve lunar surface samples, Chinese state media reported. China launched its Chang`e-5 probe on November 24. The uncrewed mission, named after the mythical Chinese goddess of the moon, aims to collect lunar material to help scientists learn more … Read more

Mystery monolith vanishes in Romania; alien action or local prank?

BUCHAREST: A shiny metal monolith vanished on Tuesday from Romania`s mountainous Neamt county, four days after its sudden appearance close to an ancient Dacian fortress sparked speculation it may be related to a mystery structure seen in the United States. A similar alien-looking pillar, was spotted in a Utah desert in the United States about … Read more

London: South Hall’s Havelock Road, named after British general who fought Sikhs, renamed as Guru Nanak Road

A part of the famous Havelock Road in London’s Southall district will be renamed after Guru Nanak, announced the Ealing Council, the local authority for the London Borough of Ealing that includes Southall, last week. The decision was taken by the cabinet on July 14 to celebrate and commemorate Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. According … Read more

Yogi Adityanath to visit Maharashtra to attract investments to UP, Uddhav Thackeray says will not let anyone forcibly take away businesses

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is set to visit Maharashtra tomorrow to encourage industrialists and celebrities to make investments in the state. CM Yogi is first expected to visit the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to attend the listing of Lucknow Municipal Corporation bonds. He will also meet the top executives of several companies including … Read more

Blocked roads, shut shops, water scarcity: Delhiites suffer due to farmer protests while the state govt welcomes the protesters

With the ‘organic’ anti-farm law agitation intensifying across Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), Delhiites are faced with insurmountable inconvenience. The residents of Delhi have become the scapegoat in the tussle between the ‘farmers’ and the Union government. While the protestors remained unresolved in their demands, Delhiites have been facing an array of issues, … Read more