FIR filed against Netflix series ‘A suitable boy’ for hurting Hindu sentiments by filming multiple kissing scenes in temples

A month after controversial Netflix series ‘A Suitable Boy’ was released, BJP leader Gaurav Tiwari has filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the video-streaming platform for the show. Tiwari is the National Secretary of the BJYM (Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha). The series, based on a novel by Vikram Seth was released on Netflix on October 23.

In a series of tweets, the BJP leader had confirmed the development. He stated, “In the web series of ‘A Suitable Boy’, Netflix has shown three kissing scenes, in one episode, taking place within the temple premises.” He inquired, “As per the story, a Muslim man is in love with a Hindu woman. But, why were all kissing scenes shot within the temple premises (and not mosque).” Gaurav Tiwari informed that he had filed an FIR in this case at Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.

While speaking to reporters, Tiwari reiterated that his objection was not to the kissing scenes but the act being shot in the temple, with Aarti happening in the background. He questioned, “Can you shoot such scenes during Azaan at a mosque? Do you have such creative freedom? Don’t mistake the tolerance of Hindus as their weakness. This is not just an insult to Madhya Pradesh but to the sentiments of Lord Shiva and his crores of devotees. You need to apologise.”

“Rani Aliyabai Holkar had dedicated the Maheshwar ghat for Shiv bhakts. 1000s of Shivlings from Pashan Yug is its identity,” he stated. Gaurav Tiwari had also slammed Netflix for using the religious site for promoting ‘love jihad’ and hurting Hindu sentiments. “I am uninstalling Netflix from my phone, are you?” he asked.

Hinduphobia of A Suitable Boy

Critical reviews of the show have pointed towards the Hinduphobic overtones of the series. Lata and Kabir share a passionate kiss in temple premises. Characters are shown repeatedly walking around in shoes and sandals near Hindu sacred idols and holy trees. There are many other such examples in the show. Needless to say, ‘A Suitable Boy’ follows all secular tropes very religiously.

As per the series, a good Hindu is a non-religious one, or religiously indifferent, at best. A religious Hindu is always uncivilized or regressive and a Muslim – religious or otherwise – is mostly reasonable and understanding. Most important of all, a Muslim is always a victim – of Hindus or his/her circumstances.

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