Darshan Pal, the coordinator of the farmer protests, was a founding member of Maoist organisation PDFI. Read details

After the Union Government asked the leaders of the protesting farmers to come up with specific issues they have with the three farm laws, the protesters have indicated that they are in no mood to resolve the issue. Today one of the leaders indicated that they are in no mood to give any specific issue, reiterating that they want the laws repealed. Darshan Pal, President of Krantikari Kisan Union, today demanded that the union govt should call a special session of the parliament to repeal the farm laws. 

Yesterday, after the meeting with the representatives of 35 farmer organisations at the Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi, the govt had asked them to identify the specific issues related to Farm Reform Acts and share with the government on December 2 for consideration. The govt had said that those issues will be discussed on the next meeting on December 3rd.

Darshan Pal said that another farmer organisation Bharatiya Kisan Union was with them in this demand. The ‘farmer leader’ also called for burning of effigies all over the country on December 5 to protest against the Modi government and Corporate houses.

According to media reports, Darshan Pal, who was a doctor but took to farming a few years ago, is coordinating among various organisations participating in the protests. He is also a working committee member of the All India Kisan Sangrash Coordination Committee (AIKSCC). But the shocking fact is that, he is also a Maoist leader.

Darshan Pal was one of the founders of People’s Democratic Front of India (PDFI). PDFI is a constituent of the Maoist movement, the left-wing terrorism in the country.

According to a study prepared by Dr Marri Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute in Hyderabad, PDFI was a part of Tactical United Front (TUF) formed by the Maoists, to consolidate and expand its position.

Apart from PDFI, other Maoist organisations included in the TUF are Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), the Committee against Violence on Women (CAVOW) which is linked to Arundhati Roy, and the Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP), etc.

Darshan Pal was the convenor of the 51-member executive committee of PDFI. Apart from Darshan Pal, other founder members of PDFI included known anti-National and anti-BJP names like Varvara Rao, Kalyan Rao, Medha Patkar, Nandita Haksar, SAR Geelani, BD Sarma etc.

This shows that there are anti-national forces behind the so-called farmer protests. Their plan is to destabilise the country, which is indicated by the fact that they don’t want to give any specific reason to oppose the farm laws, and just want to repeal them.

It may be noted that a call for a special session to repeal the farm laws, when there are speculations that the winter session of the parliament will be postponed to the next year and merged with the budget session, shows that the protesters are not interested in any solution. They are protesting against the laws over concerns that does not exist, and therefore, it seems that they are unable to mention any specific issue with the laws, and hence taking the dogmatic stand of repealing the laws. They know that this is not going to happen, going by the Modi govt’s reaction to the anti-CAA protests, but still they want to keep the protests going.

This shows that these protests are not for the farmers, but are for against the Modi government.

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