India highlights violence committed by Taliban in Afghanistan at United Nations

New Delhi: India has highlighted the violence committed by the Taliban and other terror groups in Afghanistan at the United Nations even has it has reiterated its call for a ceasefire. The comments come even as the past few weeks have witnessed a spate of attacks in the country including rocket attacks. Speaking at United … Read more

Explained: How Chinese Communist Party conducts espionage operations

Teng Biao a Grove Human Rights Scholar from the City University of New York said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a threat to Global Freedom and Democracy. CCP has various ways to deny free speech. One of the ways is visa denial to professors, journalists, artists, politicians etc. For example, the authors of the books … Read more

Wealthy nations stockpiling Covid-19 vaccine to cover their whole population multiple times, warns US study

New Delhi: As people across the globe eagerly await an effective vaccine against the deadly coronavirus, a new study in the United States has claimed that the wealthy nations are stockpiling the Covid-19 vaccines to cover their whole population multiple times. The study claims that rich countries have pre-ordered more than three billion doses of Covid-19 … Read more

COVID-19: US FDA panel votes in favor of authorizing Pfizer's vaccine

A US government advisory panel gave its approval for the widespread use of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, taking the country another step forward to launching a full scale vaccination campaign against the pandemic which has killed close to 300,000 Americans. All eyes now turn to the FDA staff scientists who will give their acceptance for the … Read more

Buildings shake as deep, 6.7 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan

TAIPEI: Buildings shook in Taipei on Thursday as a deep, 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit the northern part of Taiwan, though with no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The quake`s epicentre was just off Taiwan`s northeastern coast, at a depth of 77 km (48 miles), according to the island`s Central Weather Bureau. The Taipei city … Read more

UK tells EU: Back down by Sunday night or we'll walk

Britain warned the European Union on Thursday that it must make significant concessions to break the impasse in Brexit trade talks by the end of the weekend to give some finality to the five year Brexit crisis. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the European Union`s chief executive gave themselves until the end of the weekend … Read more

SpaceX's Starship prototype explodes while attempting to land after test flight – WATCH

SpaceX`s Starship rocket prototype exploded during a return-landing attempt on Wednesday (December 9), minutes after an apparently uneventful test launch from the company`s facility in Boca Chica, Texas, the explosion was caught on live video. The Starship rocket destroyed was a 16-story-tall prototype for a heavy-lift launch vehicle being developed by Elon Musk`s private space … Read more

As US President Donald Trump refuses to concede defeat against Joe Biden, First Lady Melania Trump wants to do this

Despite US President Donald Trump’s reluctance to concede defeat at the hands of Joe Biden in November 3 presidential election, First Lady Melania Trump has been privately planning about her life after the White House. CNN reported on Wednesday that Melania ‘just wants to go home’. Sources close to Melania told CNN that she has … Read more

Major blow to Pakistan and China as US places them on violators of religious freedom list

In a major blow to Pakistan and China, the US has placed them on violators of religious freedom list along with eight other nations. A statement on December 7 read that “religious freedom is an inalienable right”.  The United States designated Pakistan, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Eritrea, and Myanmar, as … Read more

COVID-19: Four Pfizer vaccine volunteers develop Bell's palsy – Read details here

As the United Kingdom started inoculating people with the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, four volunteers who were administered the vaccine in the trial stage developed Bell’s palsy, according to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators. Bell’s palsy is a form of temporary facial paralysis.  The US FDA regulators, however, noted that it was … Read more

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